Mowzey Radio Killer Narrates How He Acted On Boss’ Orders

After spending nearly one week in the hiding, Geoffrey Wamala was finally arrested by police over the weekend as the prime suspect in the murder of singer Moze Radio. While narrating to the police, Wamala revealed that he was ordered by his boss George Egesa ( owner of De-Bar) to punish Radio.

According to Wamala, his boss and Radio had unsettled wrangles that they were trying to settle on the night the singer was beaten. It is alleged that Egesa owns a hardware shop from which Radio was supplied materials to construct his mother’s mansion in Entebbe.

Apparently radio had failed to clear a balance of shs5 million from the hardware something that forced the boss to arrange a meeting on that same night. Through a close friend named Pamela, Egesa and Radio held a meeting after which the singer was supposed to perform for free as a pay back to the 5 million debt.

Being his first time to be at De- Bar, Radio revealed that he cannot perform at such a local bar without a single customer drinking Red Label, ““Nobody is even taking a bottle of Red label and you want me to perform from here,” an eyewitness quoted Radio.

To prove him wrong, Egesa gave Radio a free bottle of Red Label which later got him drunk. It is said that Radio started pouring drinks to Egesa and the guests an act that annoyed Egesa to punch Radio twice.

According to the detectives on this case, Wamala punched Radio on Egesa’s orders until he fell down. After the serious punches, Wamala threw Radio out of the bar. Wamala also narrated to the detectives that Egesa ordered the bouncers to vacate the bar premises after noticing that Radio was in comma.

In addition to three others who are facing murder charges of Radio, Luke Owoyesigire the police spokesperson for Kampala metropolitan revealed that Wamala was arrested on Saturday night in Kyengera who was later taken to Katwe police from where he was transferred to Entebbe police station where he is currently undergoing interrogations.

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