More reason to envy Anitah Fabiola as she hooks slot as ASFAS red carpet host

Fabiola at the Ghana Movie Awards

As if to prove to us that some people are more blessed than others, Anita Fabiola’s name continues to stay on our lips. Fabiola has been named as the female host of this year’s Red Carpet at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards. I can see you jealous people armed with the usual “She is his friend, we are not surprised,” while you enviously admire her curves.

FACO came to save you just in case the man-trapping situations and Instagram model careers are not going well. Why don’t you also befriend the Who’s who of Kampala and stop being jealous from behind your three times replaced phone screen?

Fabiola at the Ghana Movie Awards

To be honest, we can all admit we only watched Be My Date because of her stunning looks and unbelievable curves. many of us who are horizontally challenged pretended to sympathize when her nudes leaked thinking her downfall was in the offing.It appears her nudes which disappointed many men who expected more launched her career to the dismay of fellow socialites.

We know NTV Uganda regretted axing her because she brought in the numbers for Be My Date earning the show awards in 2015. The Abryanz gig comes after Fabiola’s curves terrorized audiences at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, Ghana Movie Awards and Namibian Annual Music Awards earlier this year. Quick question should we also take nudes and leak them so that our careers blow up?

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