Meet Zari Hassan’s lookalike, the resemblance is out of this world

They always say when God creates a face he likes, he makes it twice and hence twins. So I believe God liked Zari’s face so much, he decided to make another version of her, a younger one. I tell you there is no doubt once you look like the magnificent Zari Hassan, then you are definitely beautiful.

Kyakyo Daphine

Zari’s doppelganger goes by the name Daphine Kyakyo, the two are exactly identical just that one is much younger and the other is famous. They have the same skin complexion, the same size and shape of lips… I’m telling you even the way they move their mouth while posing for pictures is the same. You can literally mistake them for sisters.

Zari Hassan

Surprisingly, the two have never met but I guess by now we all know where Daphine gets her inspiration from… Oba it’s plastic surgery but does that even happen in Uganda? Either way, it is just out of this world how someone can look like another especially if they are not related.


What we know about Daphine is that she is down to earth, fun girl to be around and most of her girlfriends are light skinned… and no, I don’t mean the dumb kind of way but the skin complexion way.


Maybe Zari needs to hold a family meeting, we might have just found her long lost sister.

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