Meet Uganda’s hottest celebrity siblings and they are gorgeous

Maurice and Vampino Kirya

We all know our favorite celebrities have siblings, some of them we have seen and others we haven’t. If you have a crush on one of them, then add the other to the list.

Our celebrity siblings are gorgeous and also among the most wanted people in Uganda with quite a good following… I mean who wouldn’t want Fabiola’s sister in their bed? Take a look at our list and see for yourself.


Anita Fabiola and Grace Ainomugisha

Anita Fabiola and her beautiful sister

This two even look a like, same skin reflection, beautiful kissable lips, amazing eyes… These girls have good genes and they look great. These girls could possibly have the world and men at their feet.

Zarinah Hassan and sisters

The Hassan sisters

She has only beauty in her family. All her siblings got their colour from their mum… I think. They are all light skins, married and happy. Kudos to them.

Maurice and Vampino Kirya

Maurice and Vampino Kirya

We all know this one. they rock our entertainment scenes with their diverse style of music. Each brother have a different style not only in fashion but also sound and looks.

Irene and Sandra Ntale

Irene Ntale’s little sister is no stranger to the limelight especially this past couple of days since she got married. Sandra Ntale is a younger version of her older sister. They both smile the same way, have that gap, wide oval face… though most say Sandra is prettier than Irene, but oh well…

Juliana Kanyomozi and Laura Kahunde

Laura Kahunde with Juliana

This songbird is pretty, full of talent and she looks the part. Juliana is the true definition of graceful ageing. Anyway enough about Juliana, let us focus on her sister Laura Kahunde…Gorgeous does not even describe her btw did you know she can sing though not as perfectly as her sister but she can sing.

The Mayanja boys

The Mayanja boys include Jose Chameleone, Pallaso, Weasel and the late Akay (RIP). They all have talents and these talents are well received by the public. Chameleone is already East Africa’s sensation with a number of hits under his belt, Weasel and Pallaso are not far behind, and although Akay is no more he’s music still lives on. These guys could probably be among the most sought out men in Uganda.

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