Meet Rajiv Ruperelia’s wife-to-be and she is a stunning beauty

Rajiv Ruparelia is the son and heir of Ugandan billionaire Sudir Ruparelia. He broke the news of his engagement to one Naiya Khagram a.k.a Naiya K during his sister Sheena Ruparelia’s wedding in August last year. Being the good people that we are, we decided why not find out who the beauty that stole the rich Rajiv’s heart is.

Naiya K, is one of those natural Indian beauty ladies, very innovative and hard working. The two love birds met in London, as both were students at the time. She studied at the City University of London and is a business woman.

Rajiv and his Mrs-to-be

She worked at Letch worth Eye care TA Boots Opticians franchise as the Director located in Hertfordshire, which supplied optical products. Naiya is also into fashion as a blogger and the brain behind style secrets blog, she inspires female entrepreneur and runs an online shop.

Among her businesses is a Boutique portal, which serves as a platform for people to buy and sell unique goods and services. She is innovative as she works as a product development manager and director at Miracle Empire..

One could tell Rajiv is not only going to find a good wife in Naiya Khagram but also a business adviser. We can’t wait for the wedding.

By Ampaire Barbra

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