Meet East Africa’s sexiest female socialites

Being a socialite is not an easy task like everyone thinks. You have to live up to the expectations you’ve set out to your ‘fans’ Every socialite is different be it in their lifestyle, their relationships, their goals. It doesn’t matter what you did to get where you are, what matters is that you stay there and don’t fade. When you check out these ladies, trust me you’ll envy them because they’ve got it all. Check these hotties out.

Agnes Masogange. 

This bombshell beauty from Tanzania has a bum for days yo! Forget Nicki Minaj this one is the real deal, Agnes’s kabina is the real, well according to her that is. This model and video vixen claims she got her big derrière (french for bum) from her mama, who knows maybe she can represent Africa in the Miss bum bum competitions… Someone bless us with that honour, please🙏🏾.


When you look at her, you can only wonder what planet she was produced from. How does one person have all this aspects in one package. Lawddd help us..

Wema Sepetu.

Famously known as the ex girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz, Wema is a beautiful goddess with a full figured bod, luscious lips, exotic skin… Wema has a mind of her own you know, contrary to what people think about her she is a simple down to earth kinda chic.


She loves deeply and is an entrepreneur. She owns her own lipstick line called KissByWema and its doing well. Big ups girl.

Corazon Kwamboka.

This is one of the few socialites who has raised her standards above the bar (literally) to get a head of life. Born and raised in Tanzania, Corazon is the true definition that education is very important in life. Looking at her you can never know that she has two law degrees, one from the university of Nairobi and the other from Kenya School of Law and that’s not all she runs her own clothing line from corazon world.

Corazon Kwamboka

This babe has it all, the body, the beautiful skin, the education and plenty of admirers. I can only imagine how many DMs she has left unanswered, how many blue balls she has left men with yooo…phew!!! Enjoy the view.

Anitah Fabiola.

Uganda was blessed with an angel in form of a fine amarula in Fabiola. This girl is something else and more so multi talented too. She is an actress, a model, a business woman and a fashion icon. She has it all, this babe is the envy of most Ugandan girls. I mean everyone wants to be her or like her, why not when she has been used as a marking guide by most men to find out what is wrong with Ugandan girls.


When you have a banging body, you have everything at your feet… btw, she looks awesome in a bikini and the eggplant trails she leaves behind can testify to that.

Huddah Monroe. 

Don’t let this petite face and small body fool you, this socialite is a go getter, speaks her mind and doesn’t mind showing off what her mama gave her. One can usually see her living it up in Dubai and UK. No one knows the exact source of her income but what we can confirm for sure is that she owns a successful lipstick line which she markets through representatives across Africa.


Look at that hourglass, the correct definition of a coca cola bottle… erm, believe me I’m sweating just thinking about what those legs can do.

What more can I say? Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder but in this case you have to agree these ladies are smoking hot. Even though we didn’t get you all of them but you know your favorites. Get yourself a fine wine like this and you’ll be the envy of your friends.

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