Late Mowzey Radio’s family to sue Kasuku of Dembe FM.

The late Mowzey Radio’s family has made moves to sue Kasuku whose real name is Katende Isaac, the fiery presenter of The Talk and Talk show on Dembe FM. This comes after Frank Gashumba’s petition to get him fired from the radio.

Mowzey Radio’s family seems to have had enough of Kasuku’s piercing words. They have decided to drag him to court over his pre and post-Mowzey death jabs. It started when he said that the late risked getting his head cracked if he wasn’t willing to change his ways seeming to prophesy the singer’s death.

Mowzey’s family, through Ssekibogo Frank, a brother to the late has made moves to sue the Dembe FM fan favorite claiming he is disturbing their peace and causing extreme emotional distress. A case file has already been opened at Nakawuka police station. We shall follow proceedings to see the fate of the fiery presenter.

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