Kenzo in a “situationship” with curvy campus babe!

We have seen and read about politicians, business men, tycoons, musicians et al that have got some good and fresh loving from campus girls. It’s always been about the money, one might say, but sometimes it takes more than just that.

A one curvaceous Nahia Sania from Muk has recently been super close to this international artiste. She has been seen hanging out with Kenzo on various occasions whenever he is back to town. Nahia is already building castles in the air and bragging about her “friendship” with Kenzo. Are they only friends? That’s not ours to judge.

It should be remembered that Kenzo and Rema have been bickering about various issues. In fact it was rumored that they had separated. A one Pia Pounds who had been signed to Big Talent management had been a jump starter of fights in their home. This is because she had become unanimously close to Kenzo. On the recently concluded “Banyabo concert” Rema and Kenzo were promising to have the relationship rekindled. Rema told Kenzo to put a ring on it. She wants it official and not just being Kenzo’s baby mama. Now that Nahia is in the picture, will it go smoothly? Are they just friends as she claims?

What do you think?

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