Kampala girls who look flawless with short hair

Short hair is all the rage now. If one is walking behind a girl who did the chop, chances are if she turns she will rate 11 on a 0 to 10 scale. When we find the courage to go to a salon and do the chop, we start worrying we will look like overgrown poodles or bald pit bulls.  The rest of us keep thinking we will look like men in spite of a growing number of boys telling us how stunning girls with short hair are. Experiment and discover the freedom and fierceness that short hair comes with.

We should not forget stylists these days know their game. Your stylist would probably stop your endless ramblings and calmly choose one that would suit your face (us of the round faces). So no, worry not no one said you must go for an Alek Wek or Lupita. The best thing about haircuts is they possess the magical ability to halt the years.  Are we not the generation that is constantly worried about how old we are getting and rushing to buy as many anti-ageing cosmetics?

We bring to you a list of our most stunning women who did the chop and earned a place in the hearts of many. This might just be the inspiration you need.

Lilian Mbabazi

Uganda’s Queen of Afro-Soul always maintains a cute haircut that matches her silky voice and smoky looks that has us feeling many kinds of ways every time we see her.


Juliana Kanyomozi

Music Princess Juliana is forever ageless whenever she chooses to ditch her locks for her close-cropped haircut.


Gloria Haguma

Gloria is one of our favorites because she wears her cute curls so confidently that we are jealous of her glow.


Karen Kana

Karen’s big chop was mainly because she wanted to start her natural hair journey and lifestyle blog but I bet we can all agree that she certainly brightened our days with that stunning smile and beautiful eyes.

L-R: Karen Kana and XFM’s Siima Sabiti/NET Photo


Nickita Bachu

This beauty alternates between her long silky locks and a cute pixie haircut that only serves to accentuate her stunning looks.


Natasha Sinayobye


The beauty queen and actress has always been stunning but we are beyond sure that she is now leaving a trail of million broken hearts behind.

Anne Kansiime

Africa’s funny girl continues to show us that the secret to looking eighteen forever is actually in the big chop.


Linda Nunu Umuringa Butare

We are constantly begging this beautiful designer whose jewelry  always  has a special edge for her secret on looking this amazing.


Deedan Muyira

Uganda’s top female emcee is always outstanding with her often wild choice of hair color which when coupled with her smile gives many of us an extra reason to live.


Internet Photos

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