Justine Nameere sacked from Salt TV!

Justine Nameere, the eye candy for many of us was booted from Salt TV a few days ago. Justine who was a presenter of the emotional program “Life Stories” on NTV before she was replaced by Zuena is now in the balance of her crawling career. She left NTV on allegations of having a boss that bullied her. Her life was made hard which saw her handing in her resignation papers. Not long before that, she was seen on the screens of Bukedde TV. It’s safe to say she did not thrive there as well. The jinx followed her into Urban TV where she failed to start her show; much similar to Life Stories as she did not have sponsors and finances to pay the production crew which idea was left hanging.

Justine who decided who decided to join the political gang after the demise of her TV career at NTV was also not successful in this field. She ran for Youth MP of the central region. Her good looks and curvaceous body did not get her this political seat as people felt they needed more than just good looks.

She was recently sacked from her job on Salt TV. It is still not quite clear why but according to the corridor news, she must bitter with life. She was not respectful to her bosses. It was revealed that she raised her voice at her boss which act saw her packing her bags off Salt TV. What will happen to Nameere? We need this juice back on our screens.

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