Judithiana Mocks Spice Diana

Following the two famous unfortunate events that have happened to spice Diana in the public eye, call it live TV, Judithiana a famous radio and TV personality has joined the long queue of people mocking and imitating spice Diana for her recent mishaps that have got her various trolls on social media. In a post on her twitter, Judithiana did a “music video” for the famous rap song “32”; a rather catchy and entertaining video where she featured DJ Joe that made beats from Spice Diana’s interview.

“ you don’t have to worry about the wig falling off, zuri luxury hair has different wigs in different sizes that different head shapes. They also teach you how to secure your wig while wearing it. Keep it spicy and secure” She wrote in a caption.

Being the Zuri luxury brand ambassador, a renown hair line, many of her followers were left thinking it was a job well done advertising Zuri’s hair however some felt she did not have to bring her fellow woman down just to get her job done.

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