Jack Pemba and Slay queen Suleman in sex scandal

Seems Tycoon Jack Pemba is running out of money sources. Having gone into hiding yesterday after court bailiffs came looking for him, his silent wind has not stopped blowing. Last night 2 sex tapes were released and it was believed they were released by Jack Pemba. According to Honey Suleman, a one slay queen and one of the many socialites; it is only Jack Pemba that had these tapes as they were recording using his phone.

Honey Suleman is one of Jack Pemba’s old bonk mates. It is not clear what reason could have prompted Jack Pemba to release these videos but in a post Suleman wrote;

“Like I said before I am not paying anyone any amount of money for your black mails. You can release the second video as well am not paying anyone 5000 USD  for videos we made out of love. My family is not paying anything. So Jack Pemba feel free to release the second video as well. You won’t have anything else to black mail me with. Am a strong woman”

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