Jack Pemba back in the money game, reveals his plush house

After last year, Jack Pemba had been off the socialite scene and game. There was a big setback for him as regards finances. However Jack Pemba the man that never sleeps as he refers to himself is back. Pemba unleashed an extremely luxurious house that is named “Buckingham Pemba Palace.” When asked why he chose this name, he responded saying he is a British citizen.

Pemba’s house is so mesmerizing as his wall fence is heavily engraved with his name in gold which he says is pure gold. The inside of his house too is engraved with scriptural writing with his name cutting across the partition of his living room. He went ahead to show off his fleet of expensive and luxurious cars.

Indeed he is back in the money game. His spouse, soon to be wife Sheba Kassami Pemba the C.E.O of SKP fashions has her birthday coming up soon. Pemba promised to have big artists fly in for her birthday. Already confirmed in a video is a Congolese music god, Koffi Olomide. He confirmed his attendance for her birthday. Great things await Sheba.

One might wonder where Jack Pemba gets his money from. He revealed that he is a broker for investors in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda where he gets a percentage of money. However he also revealed that he owns a logistics company in Dubai which has 2 baby logistic companies under it. All the 3 are located in Dubai. This is one of his businesses that brew lot of money for him. We await the money game among those that have it. Keep on this page for updates.

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