Irene Ntale behind the melodies in the FUFA Anthem

In a bid to revamp the federation, uplift identity and formalize all its operations, The Federation of Uganda Football Association on Tuesday launched its FUFA Flag and new anthem sang by the songbird Irene Ntale. One would ask themselves why it has taken them this long to form the anthem but we are here to remind you that better late than never.  Having been off the scene for a while, Irene has been doing a lot behind the scenes and one of them was landing this deal. The song was composed by Moses Hashim Nagogo, the FUFA president.

It seems now that each Ugandan artiste is on the move that will see their legacy forever remembered and sang about for years even after they are unable to enter a recording booth anymore. We have seen Eddy Kenzo’s involvement with the Uganda Tourism Board and the Uganda Museum, and now Irene Ntale has composed the FUFA anthem.

Listen to Anthem here;

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