Inside tycoon SK Mbuga’s fleet of luxurious rides

Genda ogule emotokka, oleme kuffa nga tovuze’motoka (go and buy a car before you die without driving a car) is the song buzzing in my mind rightna as I pen down this piece. City Tycoon, Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga whose wealth cannot be traced lives the life most of us can only dream of and cruises in rides we watch in music videos of the likes of Rick Ross and Young Money Cash Money’s Birdman.  

The recently wedded Kampala tycoon owns luxurious rides worth millions of dollars…From Hummers, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Range Rovers, BMWs, to Mercedes, this dude brags different!

In November last year, this lanky lad, who truly does not look like a money lord, shipped two posh rides a head of his wedding.

The tycoon purchased two rides, a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Ferrari in Dubai and shipped them to Uganda although some officials from Uganda Revenue Authority tried to deny him access to his babies.

Mbuga’s Ferrari

“I have paid Shs160m for clearing and shs20m for my Ferrari’s number plate but some URA officials like Lutaya from NTC and Mr. Gregory have denied exit of my cars. I spent almost the whole day waiting for them to sign them out all in vain,” SK Mbuga cried out in video, which he shared on Social Media.

In March last year, SK Mbuga, who’s seemingly addicted to cars added a Range Rover sport to his estimated shs5Bn car compound.

In July, the Uganda money lord bought his expectant wife, Vivienne Angela Birungi a brand new Mercedes Benz complete with a customised number plate.

Ain’t this the true definition of ballin’….and not just buying a few bottles of Black Label?

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