Grace Nakimera resurfaces with an impressive comeback!

The Kawonawo hit maker is promising a massive return to our screens. Grace Nakimera has been missing in action for as long as we can remember. We have managed to keep a few tabs on her where it was revealed that she was going through a very rough time with her white husband.

Drugs and alcohol had messed up what had seemed like a perfect home. Returning home late and sometimes sleeping out caused an unexpected reaction from her husband. She says she is reformed, no longer drinks and she is ready for the Uganda music industry again.

When asked what she had been up to, in an interview, Grace Nakimera said; “I just want sat back to see and analyse what is happening in the music industry. I personally love music. I think in my 70s, I will still release a hit song. I’m working on a few songs that I will be releasing this year.”

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