Goodlyfe Manager quits!

The goodlyfe crew has previously been managed by two gentlemen; Chagga Geofrey and Emma Carlos. It is not a simple, smooth road managing two great men in the lime light and in a very competitive industry and taking their career to greater horizons but these two gentlemen did. Well, one did as it has come to our notice.

A few weeks ago Emma came out and announced that he was quitting Goodlyfe as a manager. Chagga refused declined his resignation because he was resigning for a position he has never been. A source from Goodlyfe says that Emma Carlos was never part of them. “Emma Carlos was never our manager, he was just a booking agent and didn’t sign any contract with us. He has never done anything or even invested in Goodlyfe instead he was getting commission from the booked shows.” another Goodlyfe manager Briton Musinguzi and Emotions confirmed.

Radio and Weasel during the good times.

It is amusing how after Radio’s death some shows that were to be held by this amazing musical duo were cancelled but Emma Carlos went ahead to accept the money from the promoters in the disguise and impersonation of manager. It is only of recent that the management declined receipt of any money from Emma as Goodlyfe. One won’t stop but wonder, Where is Goodlyfe headed?

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