Girl that immortalized Mowzey Radio in a breathtaking tribute cover to be signed under Moses Angel Music

Mowzey Radio a musical god and king who swept the believers in his music into agony and pain after he passed on surrendering to a brawl that transpired in a bar in Entebbe last month, has left many people doing wonders with his already existing music. Many people have been doing different renditions of his songs as a tribute one of which was done by Lillian Mbabazi (a mother of his 2 beautiful children)  during a live band presentation. One that has recently lifted us off our feet to immortalize Radio is that of a one Wendy.

In a twitter post on the Radio & Weasel handle, it was written that;

“Thank You Wendy| Radiolove tribute cover. Am looking for this Gyal please tag her if you know her. Signing her under the Moses Angel Music…”

We must admit that Weasel is doing a great job at keeping the spirit of Radio immortalized and singing on. Only the sky will be the limit for Wendy.

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