The genesis of Ivan Semwanga’s illness revealed

The core reason which sent tycoon Ivan Semwanga to hospital has been fully revealed by our inside snoops. On his previous visit to Uganda, rich gang leader Ivan Semwanga attended Blankets and Wine in a healthy condition from where he partied as usual.

After Blankets and Wine, as all tycoons do, he went to check on some of his property here in Uganda.What happened there is  what is believed to be the origin of his whole illness. Apparently he found new occupants on one of his Kampala properties. They claimed to be the new owners and even produced land titles after he asked who they were.

The flashy tycoon immediately developed a severe head ache after receiving that information. The severe discomfort forced him to fly back South Africa. Before we knew it, we received news of his hospitalization at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria.

After being diagnosed with a heart attack due to a blood clot, Semwanga went under a successful operation three days after. Although he is stable,he is still on life support. As they were still fighting over who should run his businesses, his family members were called to the hospital early today when his condition worsened. His ex wife Zari Hassan revealed her presence at the hospital since 6am.

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