Gallons of Saliva Swapped as Kissing Contest Rocks Club Amnesia

This kissing contest redefined Valentine’s Day.

It was a Valentine’s day fete as couples nearly bit off each other’s lips as they tried to affectionately compete for the best kisser of the night.

All this went down at Club Amnesia on Valentine’s Day as R’n’B sensation, Aziz Azion performed.

The performance cum kissing contest left revellers dumbfounded as brave couples took to the centre stage to prove their kissing prowess- so we thought.

The best kisser of the night would later get a bottle of wine…but guess what?! it turned out to be more of a sugar cane eating competition as couples swapped saliva so loud that one would think they were munching on a sugercane to get all the sweetness out- leaving the crowd in tears (literally)….we got you the photos.

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