Five wondrous songs from Iryn Namubiru that will melt your heart

Iryn Namubiru is arguably the finest song bird in the country. She has been around since the early twenties when her only competition was Juliana, up to this point where voices like Sheeba’s sell out concerts. She’s still holding her own with a strong fan base. This lady appeals to the young, the old and everyone in between.

The Nkuweki singer has staged a once-in- a- lifetime experience at the Kampala Serena hotel on the 22nd of December, where she’s to unveil the Namubiru we have grown up loving and continue to adore. The mother of two has been sidelined quite a number of times whilst her path of awesomeness, from her outrageous scandal of being arrested for having drugs in Japan, to the rumoured affair with Prof. Gilbert Bukenya. Both stories ruling the front pages of Red Pepper at the time. With all that drama, she has managed to make it as a single mother, deliver in her career, and age gracefully. Just like fine wine, she gets better with age.

In tribute to the upcoming concert of our lives, I have summed up five of her songs that melt our hearts, and lyrics that will forever be engraved in our minds.


This is undoubtedly her finest masterpiece.”Nkuweki baby nkuweki, nkuweki bunage. Kano  komukwano kako…” You know the rest. This girl must have been madly in love with whomever this song was inspired by because you could feel the love a mile away. This is one romantic ballad that will help you express your love for that special person without uttering a word.


Haaa… I remember how much this song resonated with me at the time it was an all-time high. I was insanely crushing on this boy in school and mehn, those bilowoozo were partly to blame for my being chopped. Nothing like a yearning heart hopelessly awaiting it’s reason to beat.


I think every man from Kampala to Mbarara to Gulu loves this song. A song by a woman, telling fellow women to stop overly prying in their relationships? Sign me up, I will listen to that jam all day everyday. This must have gone through minds of men who were exhausted with their girl’s jealous fits and controlling habbits. I personally, like every sane woman out there found this song detrimental. So there’s a girl sending you pictures of her jags but oh well, Kabiki? Hell no. Best believe, I will be in your ear all day calling you on your shit.


Remember the drama behind this song? How the original song writer claimed to not have been paid by the songstress? Ah who cares, just like she had done time and time again, this was another ballad we quickly fell over heels for. It’s always important to know and acknowledge you have it good in your partner. A happy mind equals a happy relationship.


Like the song says, there isn’t much women look for in relationships. The least things you men ignore like compliments, holding her hand in public, are what really matter. Well said Iryn, “biba bitono nyo byetunonya mwe byemuyoma” Yes some girls are into the cars, the lavish lifestyle but most girls, the one’s madly into you just want the small things.

These songs are in no particular order of perfection and being Iryn Namubiru, you can’t say which songs are better than the others. With the exception of Nkuweki of course, like I said, this track is a masterpiece. There are multiple other singles like Kyadaki, Njakunoba, Kawoowo, Byansi, Nkwagala nyo, addicted and the whole lot. I literally can’t mention them all, WordPress won’t let me. If you have forgotten why you fell for the songster in the first place, may this piece remind you why.

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