Five Habbits Fresh Mothers Should Drop On Social Media.

Continuously posting (Irrelevant posting)

We all love bunches of nice looking pictures of our kids flooding our social media pages. But if I know exactly what your schedule has been all day and will probably be the next days it infringes on your security and worse still, your child’s security. We get the excitement of being a new mother to a cute baby but pictures and snap chat videos of you changing diapers aren’t ideal. I believe less is more so over posting and pumping your relatives or friends news feed is literally a big No. There are always strangers watching in the side lines. One post a day is just so fine and enough ok let’s say two. I would advise you consider another day if you really wanted and craving for posting three or more pictures. Everyone will appreciate your spark notes than a novel of pictures every day.

Suggestive Selfies

Cute selfies are definitely worth keeping and I won’t deny or lie we all love taking many at certain points. But one thing you need to realize, certain angles die in a new mother’s world. You need not to think about them at all. Suggestive selfies that reveal a lot of flesh and would be privates are rather left for slay queens and girls that aren’t parents yet. I advise you keep the selfies to a minimum perhaps copy a thing or two from mothers slaying the shit out of this world. Stalk Zari, or maybe Barbie how about Judith heard. You can still be decent and very stylish and non-suggestive. Chilling back and letting someone else hold the camera and having them take pictures of you; take note- somewhere other than your “bathroom mirror “or living room is something refreshing and imagine how wonderful such a picture can be.

Be real

Remember nobody’s life is always perfect so I advise don’t be afraid to be your true self whenever your online. Be as real online as you are offline. Social media and the internet at large is a keeper of things. You need to keep in mind your your child will see these things a few years from when you post them. Be humble. You will not like it when you’re telling her of your past that is contradictory to what he/she sees on social media. We also must remember help comes from the least expected places. If you keep it real, you just might get help you never know when you will need it. It’s a great feeling knowing someone else is going through the same situation as this gives you courage to help one another or go through certain hard situations.

Inappropriate content

I would advise one keeps the trash off of the internet scenery. If someone else would be embarrassed by the pictures and articles you posted then please don’t. Some people wouldn’t love their bosses or children to see such trash on their computers or tablets screens. It gets annoying signing in onto your account and all you’re doing is blocking humans that posted pornographic selfies and are all over your news feed. Some of these go off on an explicit rant. You must keep in mind you are a mother. What you wouldn’t want your child to see should be kept off social media.

Name calling

Most people love and appreciate a good debate and social media is an excellent platform to share your thoughts and opinions but remember you shouldn’t get into useless name calling. It’s very hard to find two people agreeing to the same opinions and beliefs on every matter. Just because someone thinks differently, doesn’t mean they are dumb or uninformed. If you’re planning on penning it down on the comments section, make sure you have a respectful, kind and prudent mind. If any seems to be of a ground level or of low level, don’t bother with the comments just sit back, relax and protect your reserved reputation.

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