Fik Fameica , Apass and Rouge in new music project.

Ugandan music fanatics should be super ready and anxious for another good piece of work from Fik Fameica and A Pass who have confirmed that they will be releasing a brand new music video as they have teamed up with female South African rapper Rouge on an upcoming project by Nile Breweries beer brand, Club Pilsner.

These two have registered a successful hit music on their names where they are receiving a lot of air plays of their music on all different radio and televisions. Speaking to this website, Robert Nsibirwa the Club Brand Manager confirmed that the three artists are working on a Club Pilsner project and he also added saying that this project is aimed at creating empowerment and exploring the beauty of Uganda.
“The rumors you’ve heard about Club’s involvement in a project with Fik Fameika, A pass and Rouge from South Africa are true. It is no secret that we as Club are the biggest supporters of Ugandan music,” Nsibirwa said.

“Uganda is full of amazing talent and this project hopes to bring together some of our great talent and some of the world’s best technical and creative folk to collaborate and create some world class material. Keep tuned,” he added.

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