Fik Fameica and Feffe Bussi land international deal

For two months now the hip pop music industry is on trend as these young rappers in the game have brought more life and fire in the entertainment business.

The “beef” amongst these young talented artists Feffe Bussi, Fik Fameica, Da Agent among others has made everyone that sings the Hip pop genre in Uganda to get on top of their game. Most have come up with tunes hitting back at the smallest rapper who sang a song dubbed “Who is Who”.

The latest we have indicates that the two artists Feffe Bussi and Fik Fameica have landed an international deal and they will be performing together on one stage. Our sources have it that they will have a show in London featuring Gravity Omutujju another rapper making diss songs, as they are aiming to bring life in the Hip pop game as they went auditions for the concert agreement.

They also added saying these rappers signed a contract with London based music promoter Joseph Kiggundu who has been fully committed to see that this is signed and actualized. Jose Kiggundu is well known for organizing events in London for Ugandan artists with the most recent being the David Lutalo and Rema Namakula concert in London.

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