“Faridah will face the law” – Justine Nameere

Lots of unexpected turns happened last month between Justin Nameere and Faridah Nakazibwe. The banter and bickering broke off when it was believed that Justine Nameere was seductively contacting Farida Nakazibwe’s husband who currently lives in the UAE. It was alleged that false accounts were opened in various names all reporting baseless iformation to Umar Jr. Faridah’s husband. What led her into believeing it was Hustine is because it was her contact tagged all through in all screenshots that were shared from this.

Yesterday in an interview, she came out to clear the air saying that that’s her public number which can be used for anything. “I have two contact numbers, my private number ad that public number which any fool can pick and use for anything.” Said Justine.  When asked about the cases charged she said this was both a civil and criminal case. She charged FaridahNakazibwe for defamation and Cyber bullying. Let’s watch the space and see where this evolves to.

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