Ellah : ‘The AMI AFRIKA People’s Choice Awards 2k18 will be an event to celebrate great arts, music and Fashion’

We must applaud the people that come up with awards ceremonies to recognize people that have contributed to various industries. Over the years we have had fashion awards, music awards, and here we have AMI AFRIKA PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2K18 that integrates both music and Fashion. It celebrates African arts and cultures, entertainment leaders, entertainment political figures, dignitaries, celebrities and stars who are pioneers in arts, music, fashion. This idea was birthed by Esaie Schnaps who is the founder, executive Chairman/CEO together with our very own Stellah Nantumbwe who doubles as the Vice President/CBO of this prestigious awards ceremony.

In a press conference/Cocktail that was held yesterday at Mestil Hotel, Ellah mentioned that one of the objectives of this awards ceremony is to bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa through music and Fashion. It is no wonder that 300 artists have been nominated world over. Read Africa! When asked if it is going to be the usual themed awards ceremony like the usual she said “It’s Wakanda Forever” no theme exactly. Just celebrating Africa.

The exciting bit is there is a whole list of over 50 artists that have confirmed attendance from all over Africa. Not to spoil the surprise, one needs to attend to feel and breathe the same air as Sarkodie among many other dope artists.

During the press conference last evening, Nantume Joselyn a designer that is going to show case her work said; “Fashion is a sister to music. If you have a beautiful sister who is also intelligent you will have an exceptional relationship. We are doing something that has not been done before.”

Josephine Nakafero of ‘Jose House of Creations’ also hopes and believes to bring something onto the scene from her creations that has never surfaced this earth as she contributes to the bridge of music and fashion. Some of the designers that are going to show case their works are Sham Tyra, Abbas Kaijuka and Nina.

What’s an awards ceremony without hosts?! Not just any hosts but those that know how to do their thing and get the crowd up and cheering. Yes! It is expected to be an evening of glamour but with lots of fun from musicians. Miss Deedan Muyira, Ellah herself and IKA from France will be the main show hosts of this much anticipated event. Tazibone Solomon, Judithiana and Birungi will be the red carpet hosts ready to bring you the best and outstanding garments that will be walking the red carpet on the 24th of March this year.

It was revealed that among the Honorees of the day, will be; Mrs. Janet Kataha Museveni the first lady to this great nation, Her Majesty the Queen of Buganda; Sylvia Nagginda who will be honored basing on their Humanitarian works. Papa Wemba, Jacob Desvarieux and Felix Wazekwa will also be honored for their great contribution to the various industries and nations through their works.

This great auspicious event is to hold on the 24th of March 2018. It is only 10 days to the event. It will be hosted at Kampala Serena Hotel starting at 5 pm in the presence of many musical starts, celebrities and great DJs. Tickets go for 50k Silver, 100k Gold and 250k Platinum. It’s about that time we joined in celebrating music and Fashion.

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