East Africa’s celebrities and their adorable babies

We have all seen celebrity babies and how good they look. I have personally gushed about them an even envied some of the outfits they rock. While us the grown ups are hustling to look for work, get the next meal, these celeb toddlers already have many zeros in their bank account.

Today, I decided why not take a look at the off springs of some of the most good looking celebrities and then we can imagine how we would look if we were the ones dating them.

Rema Namakula and her gorgeous Aama

Zari Hassan and her four kids 😘 though we are still waiting to see baby number 5’s face 🤔🤔

Desire Luzinda and her mini me 👩‍👧

Wahu and Nameless with their two daughters giving us family goals 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Jaguar on that chill plan with his favorite girls 

Ali Kiba’s prince 👑 and his princesses 👸

Bobi Wine and his family

Bebe Cool’s cool kids


Cindy Sanyu and the light skin Amani

Grace Nakimera and Daughter

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