“I don’t beef anyone” –Ffefe Bussi

Music is a game so I decided to do the ‘Who is who’ song to wake up the sleeping dogs in the Hip pop music but it was not referred to anyone. I woke up and I had to use those names in my song not because I hate them or beef them but because it’s the game of music in the hip-hop industry and those guys got it wrong.

While appearing on NTV the Beat show, the smallest rapper in the music industry Ffefe Bbusi said that I do my songs depending on the situation around and I saw that Hip-Hop game was fading , so I came up with my title Who is Who which in a long run has worked because many have woken up and now are doing music but it’s not about beef.

When asked if he wanted media attention through mentioning names like De Agent among others in the song, he said I used them  because those are some of the so-called rappers but am glad they joined the race, game and yes it worked for me because everyone now is active talking about the smallest rapper, he said. Concluding his interview Ffefe Bbusi said that he respects GNL who is the father of the Hip-hop, Navio among others and also promised to bring more hits this year.

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