Don Zella’s kid is the new young Nikki!

UK based socialite, musician and Big eye baby mama is paving the way for her children to walk in her footsteps. The girl power proprietor held a party in Uganda for the first time themed “Girl Power” in December.  This party was aimed at giving Zari’s All White Party a run for her money as it was stipulated to happen on the same day as Zari’s party. Zari has been here for years and held different editions of this party, whatever made Don Zella think she would pull off her plans! She hosted Hamisa Mobeto, as her main guest whose impact wasn’t felt. The flop of Don Zella’s party drove her back overseas where she decided to focus on molding her children .

We have all seen Don Zella’s children on instagram where she flaunts their talents. Brittney, her first born child is already making her proud. The young Nikki is following in her mother’s footsteps but in a better version. She throws perfect raps for a child her age. She is here to challenge you.

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