DJ Aludah Blasts Mowzey Radio, Calls Him Childish

Radio City’s Dj Aludah has come out to furiously condemn Mowzey Radio’s act of throwing one of Dj’s laptop in the swimming pool when he failed to play their song. This act happened on Monday night at Ivan Ssemwanga’s vigil when the GoodLyfe singer acted under the influence of alcohol to drown a yet to be identified DJ’s laptop in the swimming pool.

Former channel O spinner DJ Aludah has taken it to his social media to blast radio by calling his actions childish. On the same note, Aludah has called upon all Djs to unite against such acts because the kind of equipment DJs use is very expensive and destroying it is like closing someone’s office.

“I feel sorry for the dj who had his laptop thrown in the pool..Dj equip is expensive, what ever differences u have, don’t destroy the guy’s office! And dear artists, sometimes the dj genuinely doesn’t have your song or the song wont fit in 2 whatever it is he/she is playing AT THE TIME. No need to get violent. Djs need to unite against this childishness!” Aludah posted.

We have been told that Mowzey Radio arrived at the vigil in a sober state but he started talking nonsense after be drowned in free booze all courtesy of Rich Gang which later matured to violence.

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