David Lutaalo wows crowd at Unplugged season2 finale

It is that week that most people get to spend their Feb salaries as it is all still fresh and in abundance. This did not leave out David Lutalo’s fans as they turned up in big numbers for the unplugged show that took place afew days ago at Liquid Silk Naalya.

The unplugged Sn2 that took place on Wednesday was filled to the brim with fans coming in as early as 7:30 pm.
The “Woololo” star stepped on stage and immediately set the crowd  ablaze in cheering and dancing to his hits like “Akabina Kapapala,” “Gunsitula” among others.

The turn up for Unplugged Sn 2 finale, which stretched into the wee hours of Thursday morning, was another validation of the popularity of Unplugged Sn 2 and David Lutalo as an artist.

The turn up was so huge that even moving the stage to the parking lot did not help. Several fans who couldn’t fit inside could be seen watching and enjoying the show from across the Liquid Silk fence.
Lutalo came back 5 minutes at the end of the show and performed Kwasa and Woloolo before calling it a night.

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