Daniella in nude artistic baby bump photoshoot

Daniella Atim Mayanja Jose Chameleone’s wife is expecting baby number 5. It has been quite a short journey raising her 4 children before baby number 5 decided that he wants to join the queue. Daniella and chameleone have gone through a rough patch in their relationship in the past year. Headlining the tabloids, it was said that this couple that had for long inspired people was going to divorce. This was on allegations of infidelity. However Chameleone came up and disputed this rumor saying their family had never been stronger and no one was getting divorced.

The champion hit maker is excited for this new expected addition into his family . Having raised a bar in the music industry in Uganda, his son Abba follows directly in his footsteps as he already has afew songs rolling. He is a family man as well as business man. Why so many kids? One would ask! Could it be that they are looking for another girl? In a very artistic nude photoshoot, Daniella breaks the internet with yet another story. This is fresh to the eyes as it is to the soul. Zuena and Daniella have taken this baby manufacturing spree on a roll. We hope they all get what they are looking for. Children are gifts from God.

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