“Any consular documents issued by Angella’s office should not be accepted by any Ugandan authorities” – katatumba gets fired!

Having been thumped mercilessly a few weeks ago at Chicken tonight,despite her status as a famous lady, things have not been going well for her. She was issued with a letter firing her from office.

10 years ago, acclaimed Humanitarian Angella Katatumba was appointed a deputy consul for Pakistan in Uganda. She was appointed by her father, Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, who was a consul, having been appointed by then Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharaf in 2000. Katatumba died in 2017, a tragedy that put Angella at the helm of the consulate based at their property – Hotel Diplomate in Muyenga, an exclusive Kampala suburb. Mr. Bonney Katatumba after his passing was replaced by daughter, Angella as the consul who also took over full authority and inherited her late father’s diplomatic challenges.

On March 13, 2018, the High Commission of Pakistan in Nairobi issued a statement in which they indicated that the Honorary Consulate of Pakistan in Uganda was “still operating illegally. The statement, which was copied to Uganda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, went on: “It had actually been ceased to function with the demise of our Honorary Consul Mr. Boney Katatumba.”

According to the statement, the government of Pakistan has not yet appointed a new envoy in Uganda, and, for that reason, the “Honorary Consulate of Pakistan currently operating in Uganda under Ms. Angelina Katatumba is fake and fictitious and has no legal authority at all.” At the end of the statement, which was also copied to several diplomatic missions and organisations, including the Pakistan Association in Uganda — officials say that any consular documents issued by Angella’s office should not be accepted by any Ugandan authorities. Such letters, according to Angella, started coming in the March of 2017, but they have been mostly “ignored” by Uganda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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