Coca Cola World Cup Trophy Tour: Did you know Uganda is one of the 51 countries chosen globally to host the trophy?

The long awaited FIFA world cup landed in Uganda yesterday amidst ululations and loud cheers from the football federation, football players, government officials and media houses. Uganda being one of the 9 African countries and one of the 51 countries worldwide chosen to host the World cup trophy in a world tour has come as a blessing to the nation. It is the second time Uganda is hosting the world cup Trophy previously before this being in 2009.

On arrival, the president had to preside over the function that was to officially welcome the trophy to the nation. This was done at Entebbe state house. Later on, the trophy was taken to Kampala Serena Hotel for public view and a selfie moments that only lasted 5 seconds per person. Only invited guests to this glorious and colorful event had the opportunity to be treated to a VIP dinner after honoring the presence of 6 Kgs and 16 carat gold in the eyes of the nation. The gathered guests were treated to a sumptuous meal and a light mood filled evening of entertainment and fun.

The Trophy is currently at Lugogo cricket oval for further public viewing. The rain did not stop multitudes from flocking the grounds to have sight on this gift to the soccer die hards and well-wishers. Uganda that was ranked 71st out of over 200 countries has hope to qualify for World cup someday.

Having hosted the trophy for 2 years, H.E Yoweri K. Museveni was given a souvenir of a small world cup trophy replica. This came as a motivation to the Uganda Cranes.

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