Celebrity showdown Miss Uganda edition, Zahara Muhammed Vs. Leah Kagasa

Well the past Miss Uganda pageants given us some graceful faces that is Zahara Muhammed and Leah Kagasa and we have learnt to love them no matter what. I’m not saying that the others were not good nor fit but these two stuck and that’s because they are young, beautiful, energetic and in our faces ( in good way that is).

So I bring you the two Miss Uganda in a way you’ve never seen Zahara Muhammed (2015-2016) and Leah Kagasa (2016-2017).

1. Fashion

It is mandatory for a Miss Uganda to look fashionable, I mean you have to set an example to all those who voted for you and those who look up to you. Zahara’s fashion sense is more reserved because of her religious background but she still knows how to pull it off exceptionally and it fits her bulungi. Leah on the other hand is free to explore her fashion options and because of her nice petite figure, she looks good in almost everything she wears. Trust me this is a touch one to match.



Honestly, I’ll give them both 50%. It is a hard choice but they both look great in what they wear.

2. Photo shoots

So this category is for all the photo shoots these guys have taken, the point is who stands out most in these shoots. Definitely one of them makes you fall in them with them more than the other and they both can’t be your favourites.


Leah posing for the New Vision City Beat in a Swimsuit by Nina Mirembe
Miss Uganda Contestant photo shoots


Modeling for Viva Collection
Miss Uganda Photoshoot

I’ll give this round to Zahara with 70% that’s because she looks like she is enjoying herself more than trying to be so much of a model. Leah takes 30% because she puts more of her model attributes to her shoots than have fun and let it flow naturally.

3. Beauty/ Face beat

This is a hard one because both females look beautiful and have their own uniqueness. They have very gorgeous smile and exquisite facial features. Zahara’s smile is like of a baby when you look at it she will make you happy even when you are sad. Leah’s smile shows an image of someone who is happy and doesn’t mind sharing her happiness with you. I’m not saying one is more beautiful than the other instead one’s brightness shines highest.


Zahara without makeup
With make up


With makeup on
With no makeup on

This round still goes to Zahara Muhammed, her chubby cheeks give her all the glory and form her face so gracefully 70% but that doesn’t mean that because Leah got a 30% she doesn’t look good, Zahara just stands out more.

Well there you have it, these two beauties have a lot in common but only one gets to stand out brighter and to me it’s Zahara Muhammed with a win of 63%- 37%, she takes this win so easily not because she is the prettiest but because it is just right.

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