Celebrities react to Jack Pemba’s sex tape!

Having refused to pay the 1.3B debt, Pemba has refused to get off our streets. The wild fire that is spreading about his released sex tapes is not about to die out either. Many people have reacted to the content in this video including the mesmerized public and a few of our celebrities. In a twitter post, unpleased Douglas Lwanga wrote;

“REAL TALK! Thing is, women please try to stay sober even when you’re deep into that shit. Why would a nigga film you while you’re having an intimate moment with him as though he is running a TV show? #SayNoToSexTapes”

This did not stop at that as Angella Kalule who went viral mid last year over her ‘kokonyo’ video clips hurried to comment about this. In her opinion she wrote; “For me as long as someone can use what they have well that is what matters. No matter how small or big, if you know how to make someone satisfied in bed, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

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