These celebrities face simcard blockade for not owning National IDs

Following UCC’s directive to all Ugandans on simcard re-registration, it turns out that even celebrities are among the proud Ugandans who thought a National Identity card is useless. Radio presenters Fat boy and Mckenzie are in bitter panic praying that UCC bosses get to change their minds.

Sanyu FM’s James Onen aka Fat Boy has been posting pleading statements on deadline extension and also trying to ask people’s views whether this directive is necessary. Radiocity’s Brian Sabiiti aka Mckenzie, on the other hand, is in panic of his mobile money being frozen giving an excuse that his simcard being registered by MTN is all enough. Mckenzie also plans to bring his village chairman to testify that the Radiocity presenter is truly Ugandan.

The registration exercise of using only National identity cards has been highly criticized by the law society something that has forced few activists to drag the telecommunication regulator to court.

This group of activists claim that the exercise is illegal and the deadline was set too soon. Political analyst Tamale Mirundi has also defied the re- registration exercise claiming that mafias in the government are targeting something else.

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