Bukedde’s Fifa DaQueen Introduces Lover As Suudiman Vows to Release Sextape

After the shapely Fifi DaQueen (Nabitengo Fiona) kept Ugandan social media busy with her hashtag #QueenTebamusonda because she had no introduction meetings, she has gone ahead to dismiss threats and ridicule from City Promoter, Suudiman. Many thought the threats of a sex tape would scare Fifi into silence but instead the woman people love to hate has used it to gain popularity.

For a while now, City Promoter Suudiman has been accusing a her of vending herself to married rich men, sleeping with workmates at Vision Group and more to using FACO to get a bigger ‘Kabina’. When all this failed to hurt her, Suudiman promised to release Fifi’s sex tape.

The loud Bukedde TV presenter is so in love and happy with Fab Love ‘Boo Wa Bae’,that she went on her Instagram and posted a picture of her introduction ceremony happily thanking her new husband.

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