Brian White surprises King Michael with a car worth 60M

After a few misconceptions about how Bryan White gets his money and how his sister is going to stop funding his foundation, it is clear money is not his problem. It is also very clear that Brian White is one of the true Humanitarians we have coming up. Is Bran White the biggest supporter and lifter of local talent? Does he appreciate it more than the rest do? The surprises we hear from Brian White are far from over.

He has started off by rewarding his staff under the Bryan White Foundation. A few weeks ago we must have noticed weasel flossing and feeling all sunshine and puppy dogs with stacks of money that Brian White had given them. 2 days ago, Brian White surprised King Michael with a brand new Benz 320ML (UBA) that is worth 60M. The overwhelmed King Michael took to his social media page to humbly thank his boss who has saved him from the hustle of taxis and boda bodas.

“Thank you Mr. Bryan White Kilimanyi, I am so humbled. You doing everything that you said you would. Brand new German built Mercedes Benz ML is something they are now going to have to deal with. I worked, you loved my fulfillment and now you are doing more than they expected. Watch me drive through the streets, windows down as the moonlight shines because I work with a generous Boss.” the excited King Michael wrote.


Indeed it is true what the bible says that ‘it is more blessing to give than to receive’ because the more Bryan White gives the more his bank account multiplies. Recently he bought a three-storied building in Kampala to set up a hospital for the underprivileged.

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