Bobi Wine and Barbie are everybody’s relationship goals

This Bad man from Kamwokya is teaching all Kampala guys how to win over a ride or die and keep her in your life. If Barbie is not at home taking care of their lovely children,she has her gloves on sorting out community sanitation issues without forgetting to baby her husband.

This is a couple that has fought all the ups and downs from within and without to be the It couple. As Mr. Kyagulanyi was preparing for his #BobMarleytribute5thFeb, guess who was right there…Yes,his Mrs. Now dear friend, continue to spend your hard-earned peanuts on getting the attention of the unnamed girl you see at Pana and Sky lounge every weekend and keep ignoring the girl who will give you a massage when you “pretend” to be tired 😉.

I think it is about time we all took a few lessons from the Kyagulanyi’s. Honestly, who does not want to be a President on the streets and in his woman’s heart? We have no doubt this is the reason he shows  off his natural beauty all the time.

We have no reason to disagree with the belief that behind every successful man is a woman.Here is to the woman who has kept the Bad Man looking the same age as he was in his Funtula days.

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