Big Sis: Would you get a tattoo of your spouse’s face or name?

We all laughed at Bad Black, our Snail Baby, with her silly attempt at a tattoo. For years, we’ve been wondering which tattoo artist did the evil to the beautiful, Barbie Kyagulanyi when she was just showing how much she loved Bobi Wine. The question here is “With the way, some of you are in love, would you get a tattoo of your spouse’s face or name?

You know your boo, that one who hooks you up with a new phone every 7 months, throws you a big birthday bash, likes your friends, gives your girlfriend allowance, doesn’t cheat (anti you see him all the time, lol), hangs out with you, found you a job where you chill the whole day and just look pretty and has met half your family? You know, the one whose love pains you that you dump all your single friends and move around Kampala, threatening girls with acid…Msteww by the way, we are not scared. It’s a jungle out here and good men are few.

For me, I would never dream of such a thing. A marriage is never guaranteed, never. You can think that your marriage will last forever and this is the one but people change, things happen and you just never know what life throws your way. You get a tattoo today, tomorrow he’s using his belt to beat you on that same spot. You get a tattoo today, tomorrow his mother is saying she hates those spoilt town girls and a month later,you get his Kwanjula invitation.

Many of us may not have tattoos, but we’ve done a million things that can match that small tattoo of his or her name. Remember when you took a loan to take that trip to Lira only for Madam to switch her phone off the moment you arrived? Or that the scar on your leg you say is from a boda- boda exhaust pipe when in fact you gathered your clique to go and beat a certain girl only to be beaten yourself? Remember when you switched off your phone for a month and your family thought you had died.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitter. Okay, I’m very bitter, the economy is biting me. Many of us can barely afford the tattoo., so where do we start looking for funds to use laser treatment to remove it? Will you set up #HelpLaureen for me go to Miami to remove ex-bae’s tattoo? Let’s just laugh at the ugliness of the tattoos, hope Brad Pitt says hi to snail baby one day and continue to use our life savings on watches and shoes which are thrown at the back of wardrobes or given to little brothers.

What do you think?

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