Bettinah Tianah flies to South Africa to bring the FIFA world cup trophy home.

Bettinah Tianah the always sung queen that slays who also doubles as a Cocacola Africa brand ambassador flew to South Africa to bring the FIFA world cup trophy home ahead of the much anticipated soccer season. The trophy which has been on a world tour is on a move to our own pearl of Africa.

Bettinah together with a group of influencers and a few of Cocacola Africa customers set off on a CocaCola And FIFA branded aeroplane to South Africa on Saturday to get the trophy coming. It is anticipated to be home on the 5th and 6th of March. It will be placed at the the cricket oval in Lugogo for viewing.

Bettinah in a post on her instagram said, “Me and a team of amazing people will be flying out to capetown south africa with cocacola Africa to bring the real world cup trophy to Uganda, like how cool is that? Uganda are you ready for the FIFA world cup trophy coming on the 5th-6th of March?”

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