Bebe Cool gifts die-hard Gagamel fan with car

We might be late to the party but you might also be too excited about the Bell Jamz concert tomorrow and you missed this. While you continue to talk about him renting a house and his delay in taking his beautiful wife to give birth in the USA, his die-hard fans are getting their benefits. Bebe Cool recently gifted one of his biggest die-hard fans Richard Klenerson, a new Toyota Wish…UBB moreover.

If you can remember Richard used to have a Spacio with 100% Bebe Cool slashed on it.So while we sit in our taxis in traffic jam feeling like the world is ending and jeer when we see that Toyota Wish with “Bebe Cool Strictly” on the windscreen, it still will not put food on our tables but on Richard’s.

In the meantime, let me rewatch my new favorite video, Pass and Go. Bebe if you are reading this, I am a big fan and I wanted to join the Gagamel family but my old phone died. I am tired of being squeezed next to the conductor who has added an extra 500shs to my transport.

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