She is back! Straka makes a grand return onto your TV sets.

Straka Mwezi is back on your television sets with a bang. She was the real MVP during her days on WBS TV’s late show; a musical-love infotainment show. Straka was known as the voluminous lady with a very exciting mood and energetic character who wore nothing that never screamed her presence. She was a lady of colors on our TV sets. She was loved by many and followed by multitudes.

Straka babe also Pamela Atim who has had a struggling career since her resignation from WBS at a time of its demise is back to present a musical show on HG TV. Straka whose TV career has been a long time coming always tried her luck on different stations that always went flowing to the drenches. Her first attempt was at Kato Lubwama’s Biliv TV where she was to double as her then boyfriend’s assistant (Isaac). This did not last long before she tried her luck at Magic TV. The exact reasons for her not excelling are never brought to the lime light but that also hit a rocky ground. She is now fully back as a presenter and Brand Manager at HGTV.

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