Australia based Ugandan socialite throws lavish surprise birthday party for hubby

Every day that passes, new love surprises us and in this case the surprise has come from Ugandan city socialite Queen Shinah who just surprised her husband King Kc with a larvish birthday party that she organized for him at Nexus Lounge Najeera.

Queen Shinah, a Kampala business lady based in Australia is currently in the country finishing up her multi million Mansion in Lubowa but at the same time her husband’s birthday came creeping around the corner so she decided to throw for him a surprise Birthday that she organized with friends and family. He was tricked into a good prank where a friend of his called him informing him of how the wife (Shinah) was seen with another man at Nexus only for KC to rush to the lounge and find a surprise birthday party with familiar faces.

Upon his arrival, King KC was shocked seeing everyone shouting happy birthday as his own birthday had skipped his own mind until friends started singing for him and in the crowd he saw his wife Queen Shinah coming to hug him. He was directed to his table together with the wife as the enchanting was going wild with expensive bottles of drinks like Belaire, Moet, Jameson and many others being popped by the well-wishers just before him settling with the surprise.


A few minutes later, Buffet was served, people ate as much as they could to create enough space for the overflowing liquor by the waitresses for the bills to be cleared by Queen Shinah.

A few minutes to midnight, the youngest Ugandan Rapper The Truth grabbed the microphone and threw in his fast raps for the birthday boy before bottles of Moet being popped and King KC cutting his Blue and Gold King Cake. The exclusively baked cake by Zuena Pastries, part of Zuena Events and Decor company was served to everyone including those not part of the party as at this time Nexus Lounge was filled to the maximum.

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