Audio: Woman Claims To Be Ivan Ssemwanga’s Widow Speaks Out

An anonymous woman has come out to reveal that her and Ivan Ssemwanga had something going and she also claims to be having two kids all fathered by the fallen socialite. In a new audio, this lady is heard talking to one of Ivan’s friends who also hails in South Africa according to a recorded phone call.

The lady also talks about her relationship with Ivan was well known by his friends King Lawrence and Ed Cheune who have reportedly blocked her when she approached them regarding her kids’ inheritance. According to this woman, Ivan had admitted to have fathered to one boy and a girl with her but she feels confused after everyone is pushing her away.

It is not clear which friend she was exactly calling but the man in this recorded phone call sounds to be really close to the deceased. This man is heard advising the woman to jet in Uganda so as to secure her kids wealth before Zari gives everything to her own kids

This woman is set to join the already heated up fight for wealth which has been only comprised to Zari and the family members if at all she emerges to be a real widow.

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