This Anne Kansiime photo-shoot is breaking the internet

Comedienne, Anne Kansiime had a photo-shoot after collaborating with young fashion designer Olivia Nafuka, the 2015 winner of the SEED show.

“Yesterday I spent the day with very amazing talented people that did everything in their power to make this ninja look EDIBLE with original authentic Ugandan fashion and brands and I must say it was a beautiful realisation how much talent we have home.”

Anne Kansiime’s ninjas on the internet couldn’t help but throw in our faces snaps from this photoshoot.

“Presenting to you indigenous fashion straight from the hands of Nanfuka Olivia a simple muganda girl daughter to Regina Ssemakula.
Olivia went to Makerere University Margaret Trowell school of Industrial Art and Designs and University of St. Lawrence where she studied conceptual design all in Uganda heheheheheheh not America!!
My heart swells with pride i tell you!
We celebrate you today @nfkaclothing.
Olivia Nanfuka – owner of NFKAclothing,SEED show winner 2015, couturier, good at fabric manipulation, 3D conceptualisation and a keen eye to detail…” Anne Kansiime said.

Slaying much

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