Anita Fabiola is an official Belaire Black Bottle girl and we couldn’t be more jealous

Is there a limit to Anita Fabiola’s success? The girl we love and envy in equal measure continues to shine. As if hosting numerous awards on the continent is not enough, Anita is without a doubt the star of Ugandan telenovela, Second Chance. While you sit there wondering if your ancestors cursed you, here is another thing, Anita is an official Belaire Black Bottle girl. I might be undermining the enormity of this, so here goes , Anita Fabiola is the official Ugandan Belaire brand ambassador.

I can see you struggling to say ” Blah, Blah, Blah socialite blah blah” but take a deep breath and accept that this young girl is working slightly harder than us masquerading behind our desktops.  I also know the word Belaire passed over your head while you were looking for how to judge Anita. Belaire is ‘the luxury drink’, this is the drink Rick Ross showed off. This is what I mean, “Sippin’ rosé with Rozay and it’s Belaire“.


Look at her making us want to actually fork out 200$ for a drink on a night out.


Just like Belaire is taking the world by storm, so is our fave girl. You go girl.


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