Andrew Mwenda is a prostitute – Stella Nyanzi

Oh my god, Stella Nyanzi is up to it again and not going any subtle. Someone tell me how this woman was a former lecturer and researcher in the country’s finest institution Makerere. The words she ushered on to the famous Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda are not words you speak in public, neither are they fit to come out a woman’s mouth. But yet again, it is Stella Nyanzi. The whole fiasco came  about with Mwenda talking down Dr. Kizza Besigye’s struggle to power and his “stupid” supporters that follow in pursuit.

Andrew Mwenda

Yes Andrew Mwenda is an arrogant twat, as usual. He had no right to lash out at disgruntled citizens who’s only hope shines through one man, Besigye. With that said, Mwenda accurately delivered a sound argument about Ugandans blindly supporting a man who has won four elections and not gained power. See, Besigye may not be the most promidable leader for this country but he is a source of hope. A hopeless country is a country to fear, people need to look forward to something.

“Through his PR machinery, he variously masturbates Museveni until they both come powerfully”

“All prostitutes come with a tag. Andrew Mwenda is no different. He’s a bought prostitute, currently being fucked over by the higher bidder,” she said.

Stella Nyanzi

These are some of the jaw-dropping, cringe-worthy statements Stella Nyanzi made at Mwenda, claiming he’s in bed with the same government he fought countless times before. Stay tuned for the next victim this vulgar machine will pounce on to.

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