I Almost Peed In My Baby Shower Dress – Zuena

Following her massive surprise baby shower, Bebe Cool’s Wine Zuena Kirema has officially come out to thank all her friends that were behind her amazing baby shower. Through her Facebook account, Zuena revealed that 15th October will have a special memory in her life as she described it as not only her baby shower but also a day she understood the true meaning of friendship.

The expectant baby mama went ahead to reveal that the various surprises her hubby and friends popped in her eyes almost made her pee in the beautiful white dress she was rocking. “truth be told i was soon peeing in my beautiful white dress,” Zuena revealed.

Bebe Cool is more likely to fly out Zuena when time to give birth approaches just like he did when their youngest kid was about to be born. It should be noted that Bebe Cool took the Gagamel first lady to America where she spent a couple of weeks before and after giving birth.

A head of her baby number 5, Zuena also revealed that some of her friends flew all the way from abroad just to attend her baby shower. We shall keep you posted.

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